WizIQ learning delivery platform for everyone

WizIQ offers virtual classroom for delivering courses online. It provides course builder for Instructors & Institutions to build and deliver their courses online. A platform which also supports Test & Assessment feature which makes the learning complete in any education. Learners get an opportunity to select from various instructors and institutions and study their courses online. WizIQ is built on Learning Management System (LMS) and Course Management System and also support various features through the plugin. The plugin allows various learners to join WizIQ through their Institutions. The WizIQ supports various plugin like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Canvas, Virtual Classroom API, etc to integrate with WizIQ. The platform also provides analytics and generate report tracking learner performance and progress on the course, instructors efficiency report.

Institutions can create online courses and can even sell their courses. Various instructors are also offering free courses on WizIQ. Instructors can also create their MOOC at WizIQ. As WizIQ features cloud integration so it gives freedom for the instructor to upload course material in any format. The warts online classroom software enables the Institutions to create virtual classroom online and schedule manage and monitor live sessions. It also allows the instructors to record and share live session by email or social media channels. Virtual classroom support all kinds of media from audio to video, polls & quizzes & textual communication. Instructors and Institutions can integrate their existing websites through plugins and API support. Learners can also attend live classes on digital devices like tablets and smartphones. Virtual classroom assists in taking courses from remote places so learners become beneficial to take courses and engage with their peer community online. It also promotes designing own personal brand and institutions can manage their own eLearning interface. It also supports instructors to offer their self-study / self-paced courses online.

WizIQ also supports Test and Assessment creation through the online exam builder tool. Exams can also be created by the organization and corporate firms to conduct their internal or external online tests.  A beneficial tool for Educators and institutions to assess their student’s performance after the course completion(online/offline). The Exam builder tool also supports multimedia content like pictures, text, video, audios, etc. that can be used for creating test questions online. The online test provides results instantaneously, so it’s the best tool and save examiner time.

WizIQ is best for corporate trainers as it saves time, cost and efforts to assess the test. All the test is automatically assessed and therefore require less manpower to evaluate the test results. Different training programs can be offered by corporate trainers like B2B training, B2C training, Employee training, Customer Training, Extended enterprise training for vendors, distributors, partners, franchise owners, etc. By WizIQ Higher ed software, universities/colleges can provide complete online education through this platform. They can conduct their own sessions, assessment, and also provide certification to learners after successful completion of the course. An organization can also offer instructor-led or self-paced training to the learners. Online platforms are best for conducting live webinars and engage numerous audience worldwide. Webinars can also be hosted on WizIQ platform successfully. Platform support whiteboard, screen sharing, live chat feature that enhances webinars productivity. By many features of WizIQ, a large number of learners can attend and engage efficiently. After every webinars poll and survey can also be conducted to acknowledge the opinions, preferences, and feedback of audiences.

Learning through online instruction has become easy through WizIQ learning platform. It supports all online tutoring and training, whether it is private or public, self-paced or instructor led, distance education, corporate Training etc.

Photo Credit: PEXEL