Udacity – University by Silicon Valley offering online education

Udacity was founded by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Novig to offer “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course online for free to everyone. With a mission to impart affordable and highly appreciable higher education to the world Udacity, a mooc(massive open online course) provider, has grown to massive free online course provider and has partner to various industries.

There are various courses provided by udacity and it also provides free courses and nanodegree programs.  The courses provided by udacity are categorised in three skill levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. One can select free course option to enlist the free courses provided by Udacity. There are myriads of  free courses that one can choose and learn online. Some of them are Learning Javascript, Android app development, IOS development, Java language, Linux, 2D Game development, Website development,Ruby,Python,Algebra,Embedded system,Jquery,App marketing,App monetization,Git and Github. There are various giant industry and universities providing free courses online. Some are Google, Pramp, Georgia Institute of Technologies, At&T, MongoDB, San Jose State University, Autodesk.

Gain real-world experience and learn the advanced technologies which are in demand from various organisation and university online by paying the required fees. You can earn Nanodegree which could become part of your Linkedin profile and Resume. Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Machine Learning Engineering,Data Analyst Nanodegree, React Developer, Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree,Virtaul Realilty,android for all. Gain the advantage of learning from companies like Google, Amazon, Vive, Mercedez Benz, DiDi, FCA and earning a valued credential. Enhance your career opportunity and get hired by top companies like IBM, Mercedez-Benz.

Infosys has partenered with Udacity and has launched Udacity FastTrack Program. Infosys has welcomed new hires to take the course from udacity before the Infosys training which will accelerate the growth and productivity of the company as the newly joined employee will be trained with cutting-edge technology.

Udacity offers Corporate training for businesses and for those who want to get hired in various companies. By this effort from Udacity businesses will have trained employees, before joining a company or afterward, having a knowledge, in demand Skills and Real world project Experience acquired from technological advanced Industries.

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