TOEFL English Proficiency Test


TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English-language test in the world.  About 8,500 colleges, universities and institutions accept TOEFL scores in the worldwide including the U.S. , Canada, U.K. & Australia. The test is conducted by ETS in Prometric Test Centers to evaluate the  candidate English-language proficiency. Test is applicable for Students planning to study at a higher education institution, Scholarship and certification candidates, Students and workers applying for visas.  TOEFL iBT® test, will prove your proficiency in the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It proves that you can effectively combine these skills to communicate your ideas in and out of the classroom.

There are four sections in  TOEFL iBT® test – Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and the whole test take 4 hours to complete. The whole test is administered via computer from a secure Internet-based network.

Reading Section: In this section 3-4 paragraphs are provided to candidate and he has to answer 12 -14 question in each paragraph in 60-80 minutes.

Listening Section: There are two part in this section, in first part 4-6 lectures are played and candidate has to answer 6 question in each/lectures. In the second part candidate is required to answer 5 question each on 2-3 conversation when played after the first part. The candidate is provided with pencil and sheet to write down the answer and then he can write down the answer. This section last for 60-90 minutes. There is break provided of 10 minutes to the candidate after Listening Section. Candidate can have some light food and replenish with drinks to rejuvenate back for other two section.

Speaking Section: The Speaking section is approximately 20 minutes long and includes six questions. 2 independent and 4 integrated. The first two questions are Independent Speaking Tasks. They require the candidate to draw entirely on his own ideas, opinions and experiences when they respond to question. The other four questions are called Integrated Speaking Tasks. This question require candidate to combine their English language skills  – listening and speaking, or listening, reading and speaking. This tests the candidate that whether he can interact  during class and outside the classroom or not. The level of his expertise skill is shown through the result drawn out of the test.

Writing Section: The total time for the Writing section is 50 minutes. There are two writing tasks: an Integrated Writing Task and an Independent Writing Task. Integrated Writing Task takes about 20 minutes in which candidate answers the question after listening and reading the text. After completion of Integrated writing task candidate can take the headphones off to move on to the Independent Writing Task. For Independent Writing task candidate gets 30 minutes to complete the Writing test.

Candidate is required to bring at least 2 original Acceptable Identification (ID) Document(s) on the test day/each time they report to a test center. Test taker’s full name must match exactly the name used to register the Test.

4 free official TOEFL® score reports are provided to be sent to the TOEFL Destinations (university/colleges) that candidate has to select before the test. For admission into universities candidate can buy score report from ETS  and send reports to colleges and institution directly.