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Stanford University a private research university in Stanford, California offers various free online courses to learners worldwide. The initiative to provide education worldwide is coordinated by office of  Vice Provost For Teaching & Learning(VPTL). VPTL is responsible for assisting staffs and faculty to promote and advance teaching and leaning at Stanford. In the era of digital technology Stanford one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions by VPTL is enhancing the learning opportunities to learners worldwide. By the suppot of VPTL Stanford faculty and instructors has developed  online courses which are available to learners through various platform- Stanford OpenEdX, Coursera, Kadenze, Lagunita, NovoEd. Lagunita is one of the platforms that VPTL uses for delivering the courses digitally.

The courses are categorised into in-session courses, self-paced courses, self-study courses, Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses, Professional Education courses etc.

In-session course provided by Stanford University is public learning opportunities,so, anyone can participate of pursuing the course. This online courses is developed by Stanford faculty and instructors. Some courses are Programming Methodology, Child Nutrition and Cooking, Careers in Media Technology, Cryptography II,Decision Analysis,Decision Quality,Mobile Security,Personal Genomics and Your Health etc.

In self-paced courses learners can learn through the material at their own pace. Self-Paced courses are open courses and has extended lengths of year or so.

Self-Study course has advantage over the self-paced course,as, this course allows to learn at their own pace, as well forming a study group to interact with other learners. However, in this course though there is no time bound but there is not  instructor for interaction or discussion.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses are offered for continuing education in medicine. This course is offered by Continuing Medical Education(School of Medicine). Some of these courses are Self- Study course and others are In session.

Professional Education courses are for professional studies like engineering, law, business offered by Graduate of Business and School of Engineering & School of Engineering. These courses require paid registration of courses if learner wants to receive credit or a certificate of completion. Nevertheless, these courses are offered in Self-Study mode and most of the courses in In-session and do not cost to learner unless he need a credit of the course. One can register to the course by clicking on the course name.

You can register to courses through two links:

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