Shaw Academy educating worldwide

Shaw Academy, Founded in 2013 by  James Egan and Adrian Murphy in 2013, an online education organisation based in Dublin, Ireland providing education worldwide for everyone to learn skills and apply in their work. A wide range of courses are offered by Shaw Academy to learn online and earn diploma and certificate to add value to their resume and portfolio.

Most popular courses provided by academy are Diploma in Digital Marketing, Diploma in Nutrition, Diploma in Photography, Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment. Other courses provided by Shaw Academy are from range of subjects – Photography, Technology, Health & Wellness, Finance, Marketing, Design, Beauty, Music, Business, Language.  The courses are designed with an intent to enhance the skill required. It is necessary for a Photographer to learn the skills of Photography but also he needs to be adept in using Photoshop to give a final touch to his Photographs. You can signup to start your free trial.

Online Courses are provided through Live Interactive Webinars which is lead by  industry leading expert educators. After completion of the course the learner gains an accredited diploma which adds value to their Resume and Portfolio. During the webinar learner gets the chance to ask questions and also get 24/7 student support. User gets free 30 day trial in which he can learn course free and can access to live webinars and recording.  Learner get access for 30 days and get an opportunity to learn through working on the weekly assignment provided by the educators. Shaw academy provides premium plans to learners at Rs 1000/month in India. Premium plan allows access to all courses which they can cancel anytime. Learner also get live webinars and recording access, course toolkits, weekly assignments & Final assignment. On completion of the Final assignment learner gets the E-Diploma.

Shaw Academy also offer plan for  Enterprise to empower employees skill. Shaw Academy provides live education that has been designed for employees to engage actively and learn new skills to add value to the productivity of the enterprise development. The enterprise plan provide access to 1500+ live interactive content, access to all courses & dedicated support channel. Enterprise Membership Plan offers various benefits which are beneficial for the enterprise. The Training enhances employee engagement in the course and improves his productivity in his work, consequently, productivity of the enterprise increases along with the increase in employee retention. Enterprise membership plan is a Group membership plan and is weighed on number of users taking the membership.

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Photo Credit: Pexels