Peer to Peer an open learning community

If you are looking for an online community where you can learn, share and discuss on your course topics, then you can do it here at P2PU. Participate in courses as well as create the courses, engage in study groups, share your knowledge on a topic.  Peer to Peer is created on Learning Management System and engages learners to join learning circles to take classes online in a group. It focusses more on learner engagement and learning through study groups. One can use openly-licensed toolkit and services to start a learning circle in their community and also develop online courses. Peer to Peer is community learning and development approach.

Peer to Peer University supports the librarians and community head and facilitates the learning in their neighborhood. This allows every learner in their community to gain knowledge and discuss on the course topics. Learners interact once in a week until the course completion and study group also has a facilitator that supports the group. Learning circle encourages online course completion, also, engages new learners worldwide from a diverse background with varied knowledge and skills.

Learners from different location come together to achieve the common goal of completing the course. During this, they on Skype can interact and discuss on the topic face-to-face. Learning circle toolkit provided by P2PU helps in creating a course and with the services one can facilitate a learning circle in the home and library system. Learner if alone can join the community and learn the course with different learners in the study group.

Peer to Peer University is opened to anyone and is formed on DIY (do it yourself) philosophy of teaching and learning practices. A wide range of courses is provided for learners to engage with the online community peers and reach course completion goal. Some courses are Start writing Fiction, Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Introduction to Marketing, Pre college English, Resume writing, Business Writing, Java, TOEFL Test Preparation, Probability and Statistics, a course on data analyst etc.

Learning in an online group with learners from diverse background and skills encourages social engagement with different peers in the learning circle. This makes learners from varied location to share knowledge and skills, consequently, expands learners experience and skills and improves understanding of the subject universally.

Photo Credit: PEXELS