OpenLearning an online learning platform

OpenLearning provides a learning experience to learners by engaging them socially. An innovative approach to an online learning environment where learners can connect with each other through communities constitutes of the learner and educator from different background and location. Social Learning encourages the student to take part in a discussion and understanding the topic in-depth. Learners can also comment and like courses and collaborate with learners across the world through the OpenLearning platform.

OpenLearning offers a wide range of social online courses which are free to learn and paid courses. The platform is supported with built-in gallery, wikis  & blog pages and also enables peer feedback. Learners at Open Learning platform are more motivated toward completion of the courses.  Courses offered at OpenLearning are from a wide range of the field of study- Art & Design, Computer & Technology, Engineering, Health & Medicine, etc. Many courses are free to learn of which some are Social Media and Learning, Design a world-class course on OpenLearning, Digital Electronics, AutoDesk, Graphic Design, Academic English etc. OpenLearning allows learners from different location across the world of all ages and background to participate in their preferred courses. Courses are provided by various MOOC and institutions and are self-paced courses and are delivered by lecture videos, readings materials, and learning content in other forms.

Educators who are interested to teach online can create MOOC and enable learner from all of the worlds to share collaborate and learn your course. Various MOOC enables students to learn deeply the courses they are enrolled in and also keeps them motivated and committed to the course. A learner can also opt for Certificate by paying Certificate fee. Several featured Institution across the world are delivering courses online and has reached a large number of engaging students. Some of the Institutions are INCEIF, Open University Malaysia, Taylor’s University, Malaysia MOOCs, Jain Vishwa Bharati of North America – New Jersey, University of New South Wales, Digital World, Shoukoul University, Training Aid Australia, Melbourne Institute of Accounting.

Learners can search for over more than 4000 courses to enroll in the selected courses. At OpenLearning, Learners get an advantage to connect the course from any digital device – smartphone, laptops to a social learning environment where they can engage with the community and complete the course by engaging with other learners across the world.

Now you need not have to worry about how to create an online course for free as creating an online learning platform is easy. Create your own online course and sell online.

Photo Credit : PEXELS