OpenHPI Educational Platform by German Hasso Plattner Institute

OpenHPI, an initiative by the German Hasso Plattner Institute, is an educational platform in the field of Information and Communication Technology [ICT]. A massive open online course (MOOC) provider offering free online courses to learners throughout the world. Learners can participate in the course and as well as engage with the students socially. Learners can learn online on any digital device- smartphone, laptops, etc. The courses are offered through video lectures, reading materials, Self-assessment tests, and Tutorials. Hasso Plattner Institute also issues certificates to the learners upon successful completion of the final test and homework provided during the course.

OpenHPI offers courses publicly for everyone throughout the world. Courses are delivered in German and English language. The courses offered are related to fundamentals of computer science and digital technologies. Some courses are offered on current innovations like on Social Media, In Memory Data Management, Big Data Analytics. OpenHPI offers self-paced courses for learners to learn on their own after enrolling for the course. Linked Data Engineering, Web Technologies, Semantic Web Technologies, Internetworking with TCP/IP etc are some courses that can be learned by learners of their own. Various Teaching Methodologies are adopted for encouraging the learner to get depth understanding of the topic. Courses in programming languages such as Java or Python are also offered through Workshops.

During the course, Learners learn through video lectures and referring reading materials. Learners are also provided with quizzes as self-assessment test. Also, Self-tests can be taken an unlimited number of times that display their overall learning progress. In every education, there is a need for social engagement of students and in online education forum discussion place a role of engaging the student in getting in-depth knowledge of the topic which they are far off. In OpenHPI, forum discussion is also part of a study to engage the learner with other learners across the world from various backgrounds and locations. The OpenHPI android-app is also provided for learners which can be downloaded from google app. Self-paced courses cannot lead to acquiring a certificate and enrolling in any courses require no prerequisite.
Photo Credit: PEXELS