NovoEd an educational technology company

NovoEd is an educational technology company, provides a NovoEd Learning Platform, founded by Stanford University professor Amin Saberi and PhD student Farnaz Ronaghi.

NoveEd has adopted modernize learning technology that help delivering a more engaging learning experience, a User friendly interface that support mobile learning, social feature which is beneficial in collaborating with peers online & powerful reporting tool. The mobile user interface technology support learning on demand – allows learner to learn wherever he wants. NovoEd gives more significance to active learning where learners learns from hands on and applied project. It avails learning assets, SCORM packages, multimedia and various tools – role-plays, self-reflections, simulations, and rehearsal to learners. Tools assist the learner in practicing the learned course.

NovoEd provides learner with workspace equipped with social and engaging technologies. Learners in their workspaces can collaborate with peer groups and project teams and can engage in activities, discussions, and submissions. It is also accouter with Powerful Reporting tools, and, by the dashboards it is easy to collect analytics and detailed data exports. It also features security meeting security standards and an easy to manage single portal for programs and users.

An easy-to-deploy cloud training strengthens the Corporate training through NovoEd. Corporate can employ training program for entire organisation and enhance business impact with applied learning. NovoEd expands the Professional Education sphere by reaching larger audience online and support flexible program and social engaging. University Programs can be delivered more effectively through NovoEd, also, social features enhances the reach of experiential program to students more efficiently.

A variety of free public courses is also provided by Novoed on Leadership, Math & Science, Finance, Social Impact, Education, Humanities etc. Learner can signup and can benefit from the free & paid courses provided online by Novoed. After Joining the Novoed courses the workspace allows the learners to collaborate on projects, apply skills on the work & share feedback. Webinars are important for exchanging of ideas and experiences. NovoEd also serve free webinar which learners can sign up and attend the online session.

NovoEd offers a full suite of resources, support, and services to ensure a successful learning program.