It is no more a fact – Not everyone is “lucky” to get an education from best universities. EdX through its efforts has made it successful for everyone everywhere to have a free online course from top universities and institutes. 

MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded in 1861 with an intent to serve the world as the best education provider. Since, then and till now MIT has offered advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology & other subject fields to shape them to bear on the world’s greatest challenges. Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

EdX with its motto – Quality education for everyone, everywhere – are the only leading MOOC provider that is both non-profit and open source and is freely available to every country in the world!

When it is about courses, edX offers a variety of courses to choose from to enhance career opportunity in the field of computer science, business management, humanities, architecture, electronics, design, engineering, etc. The courses offered are almost free open online courses and learner can get a verified certificate by paying the specified sum. EdX relies on verified certificates to help fund free education for everyone globally.

EdX provides three programs MicroMasters Certificate, Professional Certificate, X Series Certificate. MicroMasters Certificate programs are credit-eligible and aids to fast-track a Master’s Degree. This program is developed by top universities and companies recognized, comprises of a series of Master’s level courses to enhance your career.

Professional Certificates are designed by industry leaders and top universities considering the employers demand proficiency and expertise from specialized training and professional education.

The X Series is designed to inculcate the learners with a deeper understanding of key subjects through a series of courses. After completion of the series, the learner can earn a valuable XSeries certificate. This XSeries Certificate is designed by world renowned experts and top universities.

EdX is partnered with many different types of organizations from all around the world academic institutions, non-profit institutions, national governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and multinational corporations. EdX offers 1300+ courses for learners 10 million+ worldwide and has 33 million+ enrolment across edX courses. EdX has categorized members into Charter Members & Members. EDx has become better at connecting learners to the best universities and institutions from around the world.


Photo Credit: Pixabay