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Alison provides free courses online delivered by Expert academician and Industry Leaders and Experts. Online education has become the best platform to gain an education from remote places. Alison provides world class education for learners to enhance the technological and other skills required in the workplace, thereby, achieving the life goals. Alison delivers universal access to courses for free which can be accessed anywhere and by anyone worldwide.

Alison delivers about 800+ online courses and about 10+ million users have accessed and gained the advantage of learning online. There are various collaborators offering their courses at Alison. Some of the most popular courses are Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Web Design, Basic Fench Language skills, Diploma in Human Resources, Diploma in Basic English Grammar, Diploma in Customer Service etc.  Learners from all over the world gain knowledge and upgrade their skills at a free to learn online education platform, Alison. Some certificate courses provided by Alison are Javascript & JQuery, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office 2000, Adobe Connect, Six Sigma – Understanding the Benchmarking Methods. Hospitality Mangement etc. Online Education plays a significant role in enhancing the skills and stay up to date with the fast paced technology even at a distant place. Learners can buy certificate and diploma after their course completion.

Online Education plays a significant role in enhancing the skills and stay up to date with the fast changing technology even at a distant place. Alison also provides some learning path for learners to achieve their career goals. Some Learning Paths delivered online by Alison are Marketing, E-business and E-commerce, Microsoft Office 2010, Educational Psychology, French language skills etc.

There are various publishers at Alison, in collaboration, publishing their courses online for learners worldwide. Some of them are OpenStax College, Stanford University, Khan Academy, Saylor Foundation, Open learn, Microsoft, Google, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc. Alison also provides an opportunity for everyone to publish their courses at Alison. Organisation, Institutions or course experts can publish their courses free and earn the benefit of spreading awareness for their courses and help everyone worldwide.

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