Learn Free at NPTEL anytime anywhere

NPTEL is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider funded by MHRD is an initiative to provide free education online for everyone. Anyone can now learn from Top academicians from IITs and IISCs even from remote places through NPTEL. NPTEL provides education in the field of science and engineering. All courses provided at NPTEL are All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) approved courses and learners can earn a certificate from the course provider by paying a small fee. The certificate earned from NPTEL adds value to the learner’s resume and portfolio. All courses provided at NPTEL are web courses and video lectures, also, an online discussion forum engages the learners to clear their doubt at an instant. The video lectures can be accessed on youtube or can also be downloaded from the website.

The initiative of providing free online education will help numerous learners online. They can learn from academician at IITs, IISCs etc. There are about 1200 courses for learners from disciplines – Aeronautical Engineering, Architecture, Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Nanotechnology, Management etc. These courses are offered in two modes of study video course and web courses. Web courses are reading materials and can be comprehended freely by learners. In case of video based courses, Learners can watch online videos and assimilate the courses through website video streaming, youtube streaming or by watching videos offline after downloading the complete course. Learners can clear their doubts instantly by asking a question on the topics online. The course provided at NPTEL can be easily and freely downloaded by anyone. Learners can even buy offline course content on DVDs at Rs 200 with postal charges.

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning(NPTEL)  initiative by seven Indian Institutes of Technology(IITs) is encouraging online education and strengthening the education at remote places. Learners can learn courses online from leading world class Institution academicians and earn certificates issued by them. NPTEL issues 4 types of certificate – Participation, Successfully Completed, Elite, Elite+Gold. Enrol for the free courses and gain an advantage of learning online even though living in remote places. Open online courses are free to enroll, the proctored exam is optional and chargeable, Certificates provided by NPTEL are e-verifiable from IITs.

Photo Credit : PEXELS