Learn at Canvas Network Free Online Courses

Canvas Network offers numerous online courses from colleges and universities & organisation throughout the world. Anyone can learn and enroll in the courses to reach their education, career goals. Canvas Network is a MOOC and is built on Learning Management System that makes the learning easier for the learners. Learners can engage in the courses designed by various organisation and is provided as a self-study or Instructor – led course study. Canvas Network is strengthening global education and is open to all learners & academicians worldwide.

At Canvas Network, a wide range of courses is offered in various languages – English, Dutch, Spanish, French, etc.  Learners can learn free online courses through Instructor led or Self-paced study. Some of the Instructor-led courses are (K-12/HE) TESOL Foundation Program, (K-12/HE) Purposeful, Interactive Foreign Language Teaching, (HE) Teacher Certification Exam Preparation etc.  Learners can find more courses online and enroll to learn from a highly skilled academician.

An innovative approach to education and opportunity for academicians and teachers to experiment on teaching methodology to give education worldwide. Canvas Network provides an opportunity for Instructors to teach their courses online.  However, an Institution that fulfills the criteria set by Canvas Network is eligible to teach their courses. Some of the criteria are a Nonprofit organisation with a purpose of providing education, Government organisation with education mission, for-profit organisation if they are in collaboration with the institution satisfying the criteria etc. The institution that fulfills the criteria can offer education worldwide. They can design their courses with the support and services provided by Canvas network. For creating the courses, courses can be imported by using canvas tools. All free courses offered through canvas network can be provided with certificates which an Institution can provide to the learners under the guidance of Instructional Design Consultant.

A variety of education provider organisation and Institutions are offering online education through Canvas Network. Some of them are  University of California, Davis, University of California, Berkeley, Beacon College, Berkshire School, Ohio State University, Michigan State University Global Campus, Columbia Business School, New Jersey Research & Education Network, Net-Learning, The Disque Foundation, etc. Canvas Network courses can also be accessed through the Canvas app.

Photo Credit: PEXELS