At Khan Academy, it’s free online learning

Khan Academy is a non-profit company providing world class online education. Learners are free to join and learn anything for free and forever. Learners can select from various courses and use the resources to learn. Learners can sign up for free and can get access to practice sessions, educational videos, and study course of their interest online. The courses provided here are self-paced study and every learner also gets a dashboard to keep track of their resources. Learners can be of any age and can gain education from kindergarten to Intermediate and even more.

Parents also get an opportunity to teach their children in a better way as recommended by Khan Academy. Parents can even track their children progress and performance as they also get access to their children profile. Teachers also get the same privilege for the student studying under him. Teachers and Parents can learn to help the students by encouraging them to get an education. Parents can tutor their own child through Khan Academy courses. A remarkable change in Students scores has been also been seen of those who are learning at Khan Academy.

Khan Academy efforts have come up with a global classroom where a student from anywhere in the world can take education online. Not only this, there are 36 languages in which the resources are provided. Courses provided by the Academy includes math courses as per Indian curriculum from class 5 to class 12, Science and Engineering courses – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, electrical engineering, Computer programming courses, computing courses, Economics & Finance Courses. Students those who are aspiring for higher education in top universities, for them, Khan Academy provides free test preparatory courses. Practicing the test preparatory courses students can score better in their respective tests. Various exercises on the tests are available for test preparation – SAT, MCAT, GMAT, IIT JEE etc.

There are lots of volunteers and partners associated with the Khan Academy doing their best to make a global classroom providing world class education. NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT are some of the institution offering finest resources to Khan Academy. Anyone can benefit and earn the education online anywhere. Thousands of supporters and volunteers are working as a team to provide education worldwide. Internship for students is also provided by Khan Academy where students get an opportunity to learn from experienced collaborator and grow their skills.

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