Kadenze offers online courses in music, fine art, & creative technologies

Kadenze, a massive open online course (MOOC) provider that offers courses in art, music, and creative technology. It provides a platform for engineers, artists and educators from various University to expand the education in the field of fine arts, music and creative technology. The platform is competent to embed media (image, video, audio) and allows the member to interact with one another’s works. Kadenze offers a program for everyone to get specialised by selecting a specific course work. One can choose from a list of programs to enhance their career. The learner needs to first complete the courses and projects associated with the program and then prove their area of specialisation by clearing the summative assessment. The specialist certificate and academic credit are earned by those who have passed the summative assessment.

Kadenze provides a platform of a global classroom where the learners can collaborate with their peers and share their work, portfolio, and credit online. Kadenze offers learning s through video-based lectures & animations. Learners are allowed to learn at their own schedule where they want and on any digital device. It becomes beneficial for the learner because of a global classroom to share, discuss lessons, coursework, and announcements through user-friendly forums.

Kadenze offers a tier-based membership model. The free tier allows the learner to enroll in various courses and participate in easy to use forums. A learner can also upgrade to a fee-based premium membership model where Learner can watch video lesson animations and discuss with other learners. In premium membership model learners can also build their online portfolio and share the same with the peers. They can also earn a verified certificate of accomplishment with a unique shareable link if they have completed the course and passed the summative assessment. On some programs, they also get eligible to receive discounts on course materials.

Kadenze brings together Institutions from all over the world & learners from many diverse cultures to a single platform. Getting Partnered with best companies, Kadenze is making the learners beneficial in getting a discount and high-quality education in the field of fine art, creative technology and music. Some academic institution with Kadenze is Berklee, Princeton University, Stanford University, Columbia University, The University of Texas Austin, Goldsmiths University of London, MICA, National University of Singapore. Some Industrial Partners are Adobe, Ableton, cognella, novation, spark fun electronics.

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