Future Learn a free online course provider

Now aspire to learn from the renowned university in your home itself. Many Universities are providing free online courses worldwide for everyone through Future Learn. Future Learn is providing high-quality online education to everyone, it does not matter wherever you are and whenever you want you can access course content on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Future Learn assists you to select from hundreds of free online courses. A wide range of courses are offered from Language & Culture to Business & Management; Science & Technology to Health & Psychology by various top universities. Join Now and avail the benefit of learning online through Future Learn.

Future Learn provides various benefits to the learners. Learn by watching videos, reading articles, doing tests, and completing assignments online, Enjoy a discussion with feedback from educators, collaborate with your peers in the virtual study group, get access to the library. It gives a classroom experience online in which you can meet educators from top universities and cultural institutions. Learn experience of educators online through storytelling, videos, articles, quizzes, online discussions.  Also get an opportunity to meet other learners from around the world.

There are various universities taking part in imparting education through future learn. With the technological advancement, more and more universities are adopting technology and online learning platform to reach to a wider audience of learners. There are 130 partners – World-leading academic institutions well known for their research work and teaching across various fields. Some of the universities are The University of Auckland, University of Bristol, University of Cape Town, The University of Edinburg etc.