Create free online classroom at Eliademy

Eliademy, e-learning platform, allows everyone to create a free classroom to teach online. The courses offered by the Instructor can be free courses or a paid course. Learners at Eliademy can learn online from anywhere anytime. Educators can share their knowledge on Eliademy to learners, worldwide, by creating own LMS (Learning Management System). At Eliademy, an online education portal, they can upload video lectures, create tasks & quizzes & customizable completion certificates for learners and, on the other hand, Learners can participate in all courses after their enrollment in the courses. The Eliademy learning Management System is built with socially engaging chat system to interact in the online classroom. By Eliademy online education is heading toward the future.

Eliademy gives full control to educators in the classroom they created. They are allowed to provide access to learners to whom they want. They can provide quizzes and assignments to learners and can analyse the students’ progress in learning the topics. Educators can also award students with the course completion certificate on completion of the course. These certificates can be easily linked to LinkedIn profile and can add value to the Resume and portfolio of the learners. Educators are allowed to create an unlimited number of courses and it is up to educators to sell their course or teach learners free.

The platform also offers premium plans for educators where educators are eligible to teach courses to those whom they invite. It also allows educators to conduct online tutoring and webinars. In the premium plan, Instructors can also conduct live webinars as webinars are inbuilt with the LMS provided in the premium plan.

Eliademy is providing online education opportunities for all. Currently, there are various courses for learners to learn online at Eliademy. A few free courses are How to start crowdfunding, Microsft Office, Road to the free Digital Society, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Internet Marketing, etc. Learners can learn anywhere on any digital device – smartphone, Mac, Desktop or tablet. Educators can also offer paid courses. Some of the paid courses offered are cross-platform application development using Qt framework, Championship management, and Leadership, Learn to build Mobile apps from scratch, Learn complete web development from scratch, Complete WordPress Training for Beginners etc.

For Corporate Trainers, Eliademy offers a premium plan, where, they can train their employee, teams, by creating confidential courses and sharing with them. They can even conduct unlimited webinars built with instant messaging support, presentation sharing, etc.  A premium subscription also includes role management where roles can be allocated to team members like admin, trainer, etc.

Photo Credit: PEXELS